When I think of a battlefield, I think of so many things. The first thought that comes to mind is a song “I am on the battlefield for my Lord, for my Lord. Yes, I am on the battlefield for my Lord. And I promised Him that I would serve Him til I die. Yes, […]

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Thank you to Program Directors and DJ’s around the world for playing music that is released by Churchouse Productions!!! New Stations will be added weekly. Please visit these stations and show them some love! IN THE USA Thank you T.J. Roll of the Chill Zone, out in (Pitts, Pennsylvania) for making Churchouse Productions Artist (One Nation […]

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Praise God and hello to all who have been reading and following my blogs from around the world! I want to just take a moment to say hi and welcome these countries who have been reading the blogs. Praise God and welcome to the following parts of the world: United Kingdom-Malawi-Nigeria-Australia-United Arab Emirates-Poland-Kenya-India-Indonesia-Chile-Colombia-Latvia-China and other’s […]

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Have You Visited Me In Prison?

Today, there are 1200 state prisons in the country and 49 in the state of Michigan alone. In March 2007 the number of imates was 45,478. Crimes ranging from murder to petty theft. No one looks forward to going to prison, but sometimes that is the result of those who chose not to follow the […]

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1Nation Glory Hallelujah

The Glory Hallelujah Song Story

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE ONE NATION VIDEO TRAILER This four member group consists of Dewayne “Loc” Lomax, Eddie Taylor, Don Whyte and Diane Marie Mathis. They are produced by “The Dele’ Music Group”, and had been working together for years formerly known as “E-Life”. Recently the group had been inspired to change their name to […]

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D. Dray Hill Project Story

2015 promises to hold some great music to everyone and anyone who loves sound of the Bass. D.Dray Hill’s new release, “Real Christians” will feature juicy bass tracks that will make your mouth water! Each song is tastefully seasoned with a clear and inviting message of the Gospel, with cameo appearances from labelmate Tim October. […]

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